MG Tech Evobox case former

Evobox former case

Evolutive, ergonomic and intuitive machine with 4.0 connectivity.

This new Evobox case former, which is ergonomic, evolutive and connected, offers high speed and perfectly executed products for a reduced and controlled maintenance cost.

Connected and oriented 4.0., this EVOBOX case forming machine allows the analysis of the state of wearing parts and the visualization of the concerned area. Its 12 "touch screen offers video tutorials for assisting in changing checkout formats.

Attentive to health problems, the EVOBOX case former is designed taking into account the working postures: the large capacity cardboard magazine is located at a height of 900mm, the glue pellets are loaded at a height of 750mm, ideal heights for the health and safety of your employees.



Key figures


Loading height


Capacity (cardboard)


Maximum speed

Product features

  • Magazine type: horizontal
  • Case types: 4 corners glued cases, shelf-ready trays, trays with ledge, stackable cases
  • Other features

    All automated or assisted and controlled format changes


    3 available machine sizes:

    • Small: maximum 750 x 750 mm blanks
    • Medium: maximum 1000 x 1000 mm blanks
    • Large: maximum 1250 x 1000 mm blanks


    12’’ touch screen display:

    • Machine control
    • Glue topping control and settings
    • Video tutorials for changing formats
    • Preventive maintenance with analysis and visualization


    HMI with 3 access levels:

    • User
    • Technical
    • Expert
    MG Tech case former principle
  • Additional equipment

    X-Box: robot for automatic loading of boxes in the warehouse, from the pallet

    • Downstream implementation
    • Increase of blank autonomy (1 pallet)
    • Decrease of operator need
    • Multiformat


    Case transit: conveying and distribution system of empty boxes

    • Upstream implementation
    • Conveying on the ground, at height or overhead
    • Automatic distribution on the packer lines
    • Customized solutions


    Stackbox: formed case stacker

    • Easy to handle
    • Temporary storage
    • Upstream implementation
    • Several implementation combinations
    • Multiformat